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An Intelligent Agent Platform for the Smart Grid

VOLTTRON™ is an innovative distributed control and sensing software platform. Its source code has been released, making it possible for researchers and others to use this tool to build applications for more efficiently managing energy use among appliances and devices, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting, electric vehicles and others.

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VOLTTRON™ GitHub Source Code and Documentation


Ever increasing numbers of sensors and controls are being deployed into the SmartGrid but the infrastructure to exploit these resources is not keeping pace. VOLTTRON™ provides a platform for deploying intelligent agents which can utilize those resources to do decentralized cooperative decision making. This will allow customers, building owners, utilities, etc. to realize better energy efficiency and reliability.


VOLTTRON Hardware Demo

Change the way the electric power system is controlled and data is collected.

Develop an agent software framework that adds intelligence to networked sensors in the electric power system.

  • Real-Time Data Processing
  • Locate Intelligence Closer To The Control Points
  • Automatically Adjust Data Resolution And Sampling Frequency
  • Correlating Data From Multiple Domains
  • Enable Distributed Generation Two-way Power Flows
  • Decentralized Control To Support Micro-Grids And Islanding
  • Enable Load Sequencing For Managing Demand/Response


  • VOLTTRON™ fills the need for an independent language agnostic agent platform with built-in security and resource management. Most other solutions are proprietary, not developed past simulation, and/or do not fit the requirements of the power grid.
  • VOLTTRON™ has become the integrating platform for a DOE funded project combining multiple labs and vendors for building energy efficiency.
  • VOLTTRON™ is deployed into the PNNL Smart Homes to enable the scheduling and control of EV chargers. This allows them to work together with appliances in the home to maintain even and efficient household energy usage.
  • VOLTTRON™ is being demonstrated at the Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS) 2013 conference.


VOLTTRON™: An Intelligent Agent Platform for the Smart Grid


Bora Akyol ( bora.akyol@pnnl.gov )
Jereme Haack ( jereme.haack@pnnl.gov )

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