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The Future Power Grid Initiative was established in 2011 and will continue through September 2015. This timeline is a snapshot of initiative progress and accomplishments, but is not all-inclusive. The following descriptions provide more information about timeline acronyms and milestones:

Annual Review - FPGI holds annual review meetings (as well as abbreviated mid-year review meetings) with the initiative’s advisory committee, which includes PNNL and external grid experts. The advisory committee provides feedback on initiative progress.

Workshops - FPGI sponsored three workshops on Next-Generation Analytics for the Future Power Grid to foster development of a community for advancing grid tools and accelerate deployment of new software to support next-generation power delivery systems. FPGI also sponsored three international workshops on High Performance Computing (HPC), Networking and Analytics for the Power Grid as part of annual Supercomputing conferences.

PowerNET is an FPGI-developed testbed for power networking, equipment, and technology research

FPGI-developed open source tools:

The GridOPTICS™ Software System (GOSS) - is a middleware framework that integrates grid applications with sources of data and facilitates easy communication between them. GOSS is available at https://github.com/GridOPTICS/GOSS.

VOLTTRON™ - is an innovative distributed control and sensing software platform that creates an environment in which appliances and other devices are represented by 'agents' that communicate among each other to prioritize power needs and deliver electricity accordingly. VOLTTRON™ is available at https://github.com/VOLTTRON/volttron.

GridPACK™ - Grid Parallel Advanced Computational Kernels - or GridPACK™ - is a software framework that harnesses advanced computing to simplify the development of programs that model the power grid. GridPACK™ has garnered DOE-OE funding for its ongoing development and is available at https://www.gridpack.org/.

Framework for Network Co-Simulation (FNCS) - is a federated co-simulation platform that merges communication simulators with distribution and transmission simulators. FNCS is available at: https://github.com/GridOPTICS/FNCS.

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